The Chronicles of Achillion

Chapter 1 - The Beginning

After 3 nights and 3 days travel through Harken Forest, I set upon a small clearing by the side of a highway known as the Kings Road. Within this clearing, a small party had gathered around a large campfire. Upon this fire, a large pot hung upon a wooden spit. Emanating from the pot, the aroma of a freshly prepared rabbit drifted across the clearing and into the surrounding woods.

Sure footed, I approached the group. One hand holding my small knapsack of belongings, the other resting by my side. Out of sight, but within easy reach of my hand, my trusty Short Sword rested against my leg.

“Greetings” I proclaimed, as I raised my hand to indicate I offered no threat. A large Barbarian, as broad as he was tall, looked up from his bowl of stew. “And what can we be doing for you” he inquired.

“I have traveled from the southern lands” I explained as I walked towards the group. “My name is Achillion”

The Barbarian called me over and introduced himself. “I am Nux” he explained, “over there is Kyra and down by the stream, Navah”.

Nux stirred the stew. Using a large wooden ladle hanging from the side of the pot, he poured a large helping of the stew into a bowl and offered it over to me. Tucking into this, we began to talk, trading stories of our adventures so far.

I listened as he explained their adventures so far …

- Speaking with an old Druid by the name Rytham, they had undertook an adventure to the Toadswoal Caverns where they had battled with a tribe of Bullywoogs. Led by their leader Gluk, the Bullywoogs had attacked them as the group tried sneaking into their caverns. Killing the Bullywoogs, the adventures had found a hidden passage, hidden behind a fake wall at the back of the caverns. Traversing the cavern, they had come across a 12 Year old Halfling who went by the name of Heron. Heron explained to the group that the Bullywoogs had captured him to be used as a sacrifice. Heron was a member of the Reed Foot Clan, who work the White River transporting goods. He also knew Dagromath, leader of the village of Oldbridge.

- Rytham also arranged for the adventurers to meet with a group Elves who inhabited Harken Forest. The Elves were being harassed by a group of Daggarburg Goblins who, with the help of Iron Circle mercenaries, had taken over an old tomb, once frequented by the Elves. The adventurers had offered to help the Elves clear the area of evil creatures. Arriving at the tomb, the adventurers observed a portal open. Stepping into the portal, the group were transported to room, full of old books, where they had battled with a Mage who went by the name of Yizarn. Following this battle, the group of adventurers had traveled back to the Elves. Informing the Elves of their battle with Yizarn, the Elves advised that the Iron Circle had increased their attacks on the local towns and Rytham was looking to gather an army to defeat the Iron Circle.

- The adventurers traveled to the Iron Circle stronghold of Harken Keep with a mission to free the local Mayor who had been taken prisoner. There, with the help of the Elves and local townsfolk, the group had feigned their way into the Keep and done battle with the Iron Circle, before freeing the Mayor and fighting their way out. Upon leaving the Keep, the Mayor advised the group that the leader of the Iron Circle went by the name of Baron Nasith Red Thorn. The mayor explained that by killing him, the Iron Circle would lose influence over the towns and villages, allowing others to rise up against them.

- The group decided they would again attack the Keep. This time, to even the odds, they decided to poison the food being used to supply the Iron Circle. This plan weakened the garrison and allowed them, along with assistance from the Elves and local Militia, to storm the Keep and kill Baron Red Thorn.

- Following these adventures, the group made there way to Thunderspire. There, they traded with a Mage by the name of Candor to whom they sold a Lyches Phylactery

While regaling me of of their adventures so far, Kyra and Navah approached and sat around the fire. Nux took a deep breath, “We have been through so much already” he proclaimed as he added extra wood to the fire.

“And why is a Human in these parts, on his own” Kyra enquired.

“I have come to these lands searching for adventure and to make my fortune” I explained.

“Then you should join us” Navah announced. “As long as your motives are true and your resolve is strong, there is always room for another adventurer”.

And so, I joined the party. Ready to write the next chapter in my life.


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